De Victor Erice para Abbas Kiarostami

Madrid, 22 Abril 2005

Dear Abbas,
Today I´ve been back to the garden of Antonio López´s house.
It´ll soon be fifteen years since I filmed The Quince Tree Sun there. The setting has changed a lot. The walls of the house have grown; the garden, on the other hand, has become smaller. The quince tree has sought cover in a corner. Now it gets less sun, but, as generous as ever, it goes on flowering in spring.
Neither are the sounds the same. On the afternoon air there are new voices and laughter: it´s the painter´s grandchildren.
And life goes on…

Victor Erice

(carta de Victor Erice para Abbas Kiarostami, extraído de Erice-Kiarostami. Correspondences, Actar 2006)